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says it all.

I found this on facebook,and I just had to share it.

Bad to the Bone.

This dude lends new meaning to bad to the bone. Read about it HERE and HERE

I did not know this.

First of all let’s start this posting with this: Amelia Earhart Now here’s the part that I did not know about; she has had 2 ships named for her:This One and This One

Oh hell yes!!!!!!

I saw this in my travels and I just had to put it here.

just a note.

we had a  runaway day I donot think that I will get much visiting done. One of the places were we went to was Mapleside farms the reason we went was to visit the Newest Corbo’s Bakery location one the way hone we stopped… Continue Reading “just a note.”

The Doodlittle Raid

 Pictured is a B-25 taking off from the USS HORNET(CV-8) On this date the DOOLITTLE RAID ON JAPAN was launched. more about that HERE and HERE

Public Notice

Just do it.

This is by no means an endorsement: but something I need to do as far as my entrecard dropping,So Mikey even though the DSL is being slower than molasses in January,do as the sign says!

worth sharing,RIP President Kennedy

I enjoyed this so much I had to share.

I enjoyed watching this I just had to share it here.

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