something to think about.

I was just visiting one of my friend’s site via the reader. and she had posted that she found another person with the exact same name as hers and that she is the same age. the weird thing would be if they were both teachers. so I decided to google my self. and every comment that I have made on different blogs have pooped up along with the information on me when I was a real estate agent.
there were a total of 628,000 entries containing my name.Wow. have you googled yourself??

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  1. I have googled myself but not in a long time. Not since I\’ve learned about blogging. Hum, you have given me something to do this afternoon. Guess it does give some thought about putting in print anything that might bite you later. Hope your having a great day.

  2. You know…if I had a common name that would be okay, but a Western name with a Japanese name on another person was just too weird. In the comments, a couple others have had it happen too…and one\’s name is really unique!! Funny how thing like that happen!!I didn\’t realize that comments pop up on search….hmmm…makes me think I might better clean up some of my comments!!! :-Dhave a great day…I\’m going to go and Google some friends now!!debbie

  3. Yes, I have. There isn\’t much. If I do it Sandee @ Comedy Plus there lots of stuff.Have a great evening Mike. Big hug. ­čÖé

  4. How interesting! I have googled myself. Ironically there is a very famous photographer with the exact same name as mine- including our unique spellings. And photography is a hobby I am passionate about.I just don\’t post anything other than snapshots because I\’ve been burned with people stealing my images and posting them as their own.

  5. Irish Coffehouse,I know there is a way to protect your site.I have seen it used on onter sites.I just cannor remember which sites they are.

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