I have a pic.

I have a picture that I wanted to post,that some emailed my but BLOGGER IS NOT CO-OPERATING AGAIN.SO WHEN I CAN POST IT I WILL.IT’S FUNNY OR AT LEAST I THOUGHT SO

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  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog today. I appreciate hearing from others that have been through it. I hope you\’ll come by again when times are happier.The hammer dulcimer has such a beautiful sound- I don\’t know why more bands don\’t have one!

  2. Thomas,I just had to come ove and give you a little moral support.I guess that a lotta people donot understand what a great instrument it is.Mysti,I give it a go later and see what happens.

  3. Hey Mike! I posted the mug tag on my site today! And linked you my friend!Jennifer

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