Hell no I wont go

This is the photo that I tried to up load that I was ranting about when blogger was being sooooo co-opertive…..NOT! so I managed to upload it today. Hope everybody enjoys this.I found it funny I hope you do as well.

13 Comments on “Hell no I wont go

  1. Mike,LOL He sure isn\’t keen on going into that room, is he? Glad you got the photo uploaded. Thank goodness Meeko doesn\’t act like that when he goes to the vet. He is very much a gentleman about it.Blessings,Mary

  2. Harvey is no fun taking to the vet.We have to muzzle him or he will bite.that is the only time that he gets that mean. I loked the look on the person with the cat.

  3. The cat appears a tad ticked off as well.I have never seen anything like it. That is one crazy Photo.Beamer

  4. Beamer,you should Hear Harvey when he goes for his check up and shots,growling and hissing and if ti was not for being muzzled he will bite.

  5. HA!Check out the cat…he\’s about to take a swipe at that woman\’s throat and beat it out the front door!

  6. ROFL!!! That is hilarious 🙂 poor puppy though… My dog does something very similar whenever he goes to the vet, but all paws are on the ground. So pitiful 🙁

  7. Sandy C. Yes and I tell you Harvey our cat is not a happy camper when it comes for his visit to the vet.we have to muzzle him or he will bite someone.

  8. Grandy,I\’m glad that you like it,and I\’ll be over to colect that award soon.Endymion,I\’m glad that you like it.

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