Earth Day.

To day is earth day. and so there fore we need to look what we are doing to this planet.
Now I will say this,I have been on some sites where people are complaining about much money it costs to fill up the tanks of their SUV and the low gas mileage they get. Well you can thank the auto industry for that one they do not want to make more fuel efficient vehicles.That oil companies and the auto industry have a monopoly on what you drive what you pay for gas. In the sixties oil and car companies used to hold contests to see how many mikes per gallon some one could get out of the “heavy tanks” called cars.every good idea was than patented and the ideas were put into a lock box and forgotten about.the auto industries decided that to improve on gas mileage that would make cars out of tin and plastic. then they started building big gas guzzling SUV saying they were safer to drive,knowing the gas mileage sucked.And the public bought into this,and now are crying foul????

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  1. SUV drivers have to drive a big car because everyone else is driving a big car and it\’s the only way they\’ll be safe. It keeps escalating, until people are driving Hummers, which are based on MILITARY VEHICLES. Crazy! In reality, one is much safer in a small, maneuverable car, and if you can\’t fit your stuff into a small car, you have to much stuff. (says the girl who lives alone and has no family.)

  2. Mike,I agree. After the oil embargo of the 70\’s you would think we all would have learned a lesson. If only – we wouldn\’t be in this predicament. The US car companies were especially short-sighted. That is why they ended up losing dominance over the car market. I sure hope we all learn our lesson this time around. Our dependence on oil is harmful to the planet, our economy and to the wallets and pocketbooks of each and every one of us!Tina

  3. Heather,we drive a buick century sedan.we would like to buy a hybrid,but we cannot afford one. i don\’t know what we are gonna due when the Buick bites the dust.Noelle,I still think that if the auto companies would not push buying these thing that opoeple would not be driveing SUV.Tina,I cannot agree with you one learned the lessons of the oil embargo,for a time the auto industry did try to make more fuel efficient cars,than decided that bigger was better since the big truck and SUV did not have to conform to fuel standards.And the american public bought into this garbadge,and are crying about how musc money iy costs to drive the big gas\’s their own(expletive deleted) fault.

  4. Late on the uptake here, but your post struck a chord. I blogged about this myself a while back. Supersizing is a fad that won\’t go away until gas prices hurt the wealthy (or at least semi-wealthy). My husband thinks it will take $5 per gallon to make a dent in how the automakers market their wares. And yes, sadly, the hybrids are still too expensive for most of us to own. [arrived here -I think!- from Jenn Juggles Life]

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