Business as usual.

Today Isaiah Thomas has been fired as the coach of the NY York Knicks. It is an all to familiar pattern,the coach is fired because the owners don’t want to lose money it would cost them to replace the overpaid crybabies that call themselves players. It is the same for every sport,the basketball team does bad fire the coach,the football team does bad,same thing,as for Baseball.
Why in the hell does the coach have to lose his job,especially when the so-called grown men with egos bigger that a giant sized SUV that they drive are not performing as a team??? Can someone PLEASE show me the logic in that?
the athletes are a bunch of over paid crybabies.This practice was started in the sixties when george steinbrenner started make his baseball players mega bucks to “play” baseball.then it was hey I want what he’s getting so every year the salaries get even more outrageous,and who foots the bill,well the fans do in the form of higher admission prices higher concession stand prices.

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  1. I\’ve often wonderd the same thing, although I would have to say Thomas is a pretty bad coach. Way too many huge egos running sports these days. I guess money talks…everything else wal;ks. LOL!

  2. Mike, I don\’t really know anything about the goings on in basketball. I was an avid baseball fan until the strike many years ago. The huge egos and outrageous pay turned me off. I admit I will follow the news when the Red Sox are doing well. But I don\’t really watch. With all the money that is made, I think they should do something so that a family can have a day at the baseball park without having to take out a second mortgage on the house!Tina

  3. I often vent to anyone who cares to listen about how idiotic it is that we pay our professional athletes exorbitant amounts of money yet pay our teachers a meager pittance. The shit of that whole thing is that I love watching professional sports. How do we remedy this?

  4. Gene.well is it possible that the coach was made to look bad because of the players did not like being told what to do? The cleveland Cavs has a huge egomaniac called \”king\”james.He had to have a giant mansion built he wanted to have a different pratice facility so one was built.Not to mention that he is not loyal to our baseball team,he always wears a yankees cap.I digress.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Tina,what turned me oof about baseball when the mirst millionair was made just to keep the guy on the tean.(NYYankies)<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Al,I like to watch iy on T.V. I will never set foot into any of the sports venues that have been built on the backs of the people of cleveland.

  5. In this particular case, not only was Thomas a lousy coach, but he was also responsible for many of the bad contracts for those Knicks players. That franchise needs a complete house cleaning.

  6. Travis,thank you for this information. Useually the coach is fired for the sins of the players and that is the only reason.It is a standard practice here in Cleveland to fire the coach because the players suck and they get paid better than the coach.So the mind set is to replace the coach with someone esle that maybe the players will like and play better.

  7. gonna have to agree with you on overpaid crybabies… there is something wrong with a society that pays people millions of dollars to entertain instead of on education but whatever that\’s my ownsoap box. I actually am responding to this to tell you that i was told the coach gets fired when a team does bad because he is hired to make the players work as a winning team. key word being winning… shame isn\’t it?? sending some love your way-Allie

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