An Engineer’s Guide to Cats

I hope you enjoy this one.I found it on Derfwad Manor and I enjoyed I decided to post this one on my site as well.

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  1. Mike if you need help with the blog roll in your sidebar, I\’d be more than happy to help you.Or you can just do a graphic from the blog\’s main site and link the graphic to the home page.I can then add your blog to the blog roll once it\’s done [it needs to be done this way for others who are perusing the blog roll to have a steady link to the other members some how]

  2. Anni,thank.I\’ll try that.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mysti.I\’m glad that you enjouyed I did also when I saw it so I posted it here as well

  3. Valarie,Yep this a quite one.I cannot take credit for this posting I copycatted it from Mrs G.\”s site derfwad manor.Tina,I\’m glad that you like this video.

  4. Mike… I. LOVED. This! Would you mind if I posted it on my website?Just drop me a yes or no. I\’ll even link to you. I was so charmed and amused by this video.

  5. Hi Mike~Nothing came up on your blog, but apparently it was a hit!Where can I view this?Ruth

  6. Holly(Ruth) you can view it on you tube.all you have to do is go to you tube and type in cats on the search box and you will find it.

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