A special posting

My friend and neighbor phyllis has a posting that every one needs to see Please go and visit her.and Please join in.I know I am.

Thanks. Hugs and Blessings all around.

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  1. hey Mike- a couple of things I loved Dulcimer Dan and Amazing Grace. ALso , I have a few questions about doing the Mr Linky thing-can you enlighten me? I\’m kind of new at all this.Thanks for reading me -have a blessed weekend!Lorie

  2. Loriee,I\’m not computer save or even internet savey.I do mave some people that have helped in the past.See my posting of saturday april 12 under the wind beneath my wings try to use the liks to Mary or Hope maybe they can help you better than I can.

  3. Thank you for the heads up, Mike. I participated in one of these some time ago and will join the in May 15th one.

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