a confession.

well folks it is time for this gentilman to fess up.I have put all of the blog roll members on Google Reader. This way when I’m in a hurry I can see who has the most current postings. this way I can comment quickly on your posting.this cuts down on the time I go back and forth from my blog to your blog and back to my blog and to the next blog site I want to visit.

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  1. captain,I found it easy to do.the bloglines on I got stuck and just could not figure out what to do.

  2. Mary, one of my visitor suggested the reader,and bloglines was recomened as well.this way I see who has a recient posting.

  3. Congratulations! No need to apologize (at least not to most of us) because we’ve been doing the same thing for quite a while now. The only downside for me is that I’ve always got too many unread messages! Currently I’ve got more than 700 but often it’s over 1000 …sigh!!! I really appreciate those bloggers who include the whole post in the reader (like I do) because then I can read a whole bunch and comment once, thereby saving time. Good luck with this new venture and thanks for your kind words recently on each of my blogs. As always I leave responses there … so hopefully you’re remembering to check the little box to get follow up comments in email.Hugs and blessings,

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