Hammered Dulcimer and Celtic, Too

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  1. Sandy C.it is very peaceful.when I was a corrections officer my Mrs G.could tell what kind of night had since we would run errands in the mornig before I had to go the work that afternoon by what was in the cassette player.if one of my dulicmer tapes was in it she knew I had a rough night.I would not talk about it to her I did not want to upset her.

  2. This is awesome! I love it. Thanks so much for sharing. So tranquil. Blessings,Mary

  3. it truely is.sometimes I pop a hammered dulicmer c/d into thee compoer to listen to the music.I love it so much.If my seizures will even be under good control I\’d start to play mine again.that is my dulicmer that you see at the top of the page.

  4. Quite an Unique Sound. I don\’t know if I\’ve ever heard one of those solo before. Glad you posted that.Hope the seizures get better.Beamer

  5. Wow, Mike, that\’s beautiful. I\’m sure I\’ve heard one but haven\’t seen a Dulcimer being played. (Even sounds a lot better when I switched off the playlist! Duh!)Have a great day!Brenda

  6. Beamer,If you would like to hear more Hammered Dulicmer music you can always go to you tube and in the search box type in the words Hammered dulicmer and you can hear more of this type of music.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Its all good I foud out about this instrument at a funtion called \”christmas in the colonies\” in a neighboring county(Medina)there was a hammered dulicmer player dressed in a colonial outfit.I enjoyed listing to the music I bought my fist tapet of the music.

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