My neighborhood and other thoughts.

My how my neighborhood has grown since I started blogging in December 2007. I currently have 40 Great Neighbors listed on my Blog Rolls of Honor.So it does take me a while to visit with all of my neighbors in addition of keep my blog postings going. I guess that is why i like to add the different You Tube stuff that I add,some are for fun,and some are meaningful things that I add as well.
I added the music to my blog as a way to share some of the different music that I enjoy.
I will occasionally will add more Hammered Dulcimer music to my blog as well.
I alway enjoy doing my blog,of course ther will be days that I will not do any postings,on those days the depression that I live with or the seizures will be too much and I just want to rest and or sleep on those days.

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  1. The next step is to think about getting yourself an RSS feed. That way you don\’t have to go to all your favorite sites, you get them in your reader automatically. It\’s a real time saver.

  2. Thanks for the comment on the tax posting that I did. It is a crying shame that this great country is in the financial situation that we are in. I remember when Clinton left office we were debt free. I don\’t even think our grandchildren\’s generation will be able to pay off this debt. Tell me if I am wrong, but it seems as if I read some place that Bush bankrupted the State of Texas by the time he finished there as Governor. I don\’t know that for a fact, but can imagine it to be true considering the finacial straights our country is in. Thanks again for your comment…

  3. Noelle,thanks for stopping by.I\’d add the rss feed if I knew how to.Jo,Here is a sad thought,every time he failed in a business venture,he was bailed out ny the Saudi government or at least by the ruleling family.They own him.

  4. Hi Mike, sorry about the near drowning experience your family had to endure. Kinda mars childhood memories, doesn\’t it. Glad you stopped by for a visit.God is good!Brenda 🙂

  5. Hi mike, i signed up with , i pull that up and it shows all my blogger friends and when they have posted. If someone hasnt posted then i instantly see and it saves me time of surfing all my friends blogs:). Thank you for the prayer. I truly appreciate it.Blessings.

  6. I agree with Noelle. I\’ve been experimenting with Google Reader and it\’s been a rousing success. I\’m able to keep up with my community without it taking up so much time.It has also allowed me to expand my community.

  7. Hi mike,I also have, which shows when one of your friends have posted…so you go to visit with them…it is real easy to set yourself up…and it works like a charm saving you lots of wasted time…good luck with finding a shortcut for visiting…I am afraid I don\’t know how to do the RSS feed myself…

  8. Mike,You are a great neighbor. I enjoy visiting here. I also have many on my blogroll and have to chose which ones to visit on different days. Sometimes, like today, I don\’t get on until quite late. I will be praying for you that your health issues improve. Now I\’m off to catch up on your other posts.Blessings,Mary

  9. It all Good,My childhood memories are skattered at best.Due to the seizures that I have the memory is verry scrambled and so trying to remember things are hit and miss,some things just pop in and out other things just are lost.Such as all the songs I learned hoe to play on my Hammered Dulicmer.Mysti and Travis,I will answer both of you at the same time since both you remarks are related.I would love to do as you guys suggested,but I\’m not that great at computer stuff.So I would have to be walked thru the process as a parent would treach their child how to do something.Mimi,I went to bloglines and started an account and that I got stuck and did not know what I\’m doing.Mary what I might start doing is splitting up the blog roll visits into mananageable visiting days.

  10. I love having you as a blog friend 🙂 I enjoy stopping by for your posts. I noticed your comment regarding RSS feeds. If you go my blog or anyone\’s blog and click on the area that says \”Subscribe\” with the orange icon, you can subscribe to someone\’s blog and have their posts pulled into Google Reader. Since you\’re on Gmail, while you\’re logged in reading your email messages, you can click on \”Reader\” at the top of the page and read the blog entries you\’ve subscribed to via RSS. Hope that didn\’t confuse you 🙂

  11. Hi are a wonderful neighbor! It is hard to get to everyone everyday. I sometimes go a little while between visits and catch up all at once. Have a great day!

  12. Hi Mike,I finally posted my award you gave me. Sorry it took me so long. Come by and check it out when you get a chance!I hope you\’re well today.Hugs,Hope

  13. I like your tastes in music. Music is my whole world (almost). Have you heard Laraji? He\’s a new age hammered dulcimer player. some of it\’s pretty good. Brian Eno produced his first record i think. I\’m a big Eno fan.

  14. Hi Mike, thanks always for your comments and visits. Take care always.Your friend,Loannah

  15. Hi Mike,thanks for visiting me today and for your kind comments on my post…Mimi

  16. Sandy C.I understand what you are telling me.I did figuer out how to add my blogroll buddied to reader.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Greatfullliving,you are a wonderful neighbor as well.If it takes a while betewwn visits I\’m Ok with that.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Hope,I was there today,and saw that you did post the award.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TFO,No I have never heard of the artist,Illl see if I can find Laraji on you tube.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<LOU,sometimes it takes me awhile to make my rounds and make my adding everyone on reader maybe it will be easier for me to see everybodys comments.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mimi,Like I\’m going to make rude comments,come on that\’s just not me.

  17. Hi Mike,Just coming by to see how you\’re doing and wish you a good day.You are a wonderful neighbor, I\’m glad you started blogging.Bloglines really is the easiest way to go, if you need help with it just let me know :)Sandra

  18. Herr Golch,It\’s been some time. My apologies for my prolonged absence. One of the true challenges of maintaining an online journal is balancing work with journaling with play and so forth. Your blog is looking lively as ever. Congrats and speak soon.EtG

  19. Sandra,I have only been blogging since December of fact I did a total of 4 blogs. now I\’m getting pretty good at it and have numerous neighbors that have become my friends here in the cyber world.Not to mention I\’m haveing a ball.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<My dear Gent,we all blog when we can and visit when we can.that\’s fine with me.I hope that yoo had a great day.

  20. hey Mike – I have been reading your blog- Valarie Lea is who got me hooked- come by and read me sometime -I\’d love to be your new friend today-Have a great one-I am a music lover who wishes she could play something-

  21. Lorie,thanks for stopping by.I have tried off and to play musical instruments since I was a teen ager. when I found the hammered dulicmer and just starting hitting the srtings with out knowung what I was doing and was able to partially play a song I was hooked.

  22. Speaking of neighborhoods…I see you are in Cleveland, Ohio. I spent all my life, up until this past June, living about 45 minutes south of Cleveland.I\’m still an Ohioan at heart, and will always cherish my beloved Cleveland Indians.

  23. Misty Dawn born,raised here and with the exception of a couple of years in California,I will die in ohio,I donot plan to leave this state again,except on a vacation maybe.

  24. i thought i had responded before but i guess it was one fo those days my brain and blogger were not working together. may i just say it is an honor to be on your blog honor roll as well as considered one of your neighbors. It is a comfort to find such a similar free thinking soul floating in blogland. I love your snese of humor as well as meaningful serious moments. thanks for being a friend. with love-Allie

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