this says it all.

this says it also defines how I feel about my military service sometimes,and some of the other “jobs’ where I worked.

To read this all you have to do is Left click on it and it will open to full screen.

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  1. hehehe… that is priceless Mike. I especially like the last couple of lines because they are so true for most peoples jobs.

  2. Laughs, what a great poem! Thanks for sharing it. It reminds me of the song their coming to take me a way heehee haha hoho. To the funny farm!

  3. I love love love Dr. Seuss !Hey, did you figure out the \”link\” question? E-mail me, if not.

  4. mysti,I tried to find a youtube of \”they are comming to take me away\” but could not find a sutible one,that I could post that would not cause me a siezure watching it.Swampy I did manange to learn how to do the link.

  5. Hi Mike,Good poem. It says it all, doesn\’t it?By the way Mike, I have a son that lives in Middleburg Hts, and a daughter in Willowick. And I used to live in the area, years ago. Have a good Sunday!Renie

  6. Just wanted to thank you for stopping by blog and to tell you this: I am so very flattered to have been added to your Blog Roll of Honor. You are such a sweetie:). My oldest son is currently in the Navy and I stand right beside you in supporting our troops. I love the dulcimer! I am also differently-abled than I used to be. It sucks. Hugs.

  7. Renie,Thanks for stopping by.And yes this poem says it all. I hope it will be a great Sunday.Of course every day with out a seizure is a grand day indeed.Phyl,Thanks for stopping by as well and a big Hat\’s off to your son for serving our country by being in the navy. We have had a lot of Navy people in the family as well.I almost went into the Navy but chose to go into the Air Force since my Dad was Army Air force.

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