follow up to bad day and a diatribe as well.

as days go today could be worse,but I’m not sure how,I’ve snapping all day at the better half over dumb and stupid things.I’m afraid that is how I cause most of the fights that we have.
My wife is a good person and I’m a good person,that somehow just does not get it right most of the time.
I guess the depression I feel causes the problems.that started in the service.I don’t give a damn if those shrinks that called themselves officers say it is a personality disorder. That is their pat answer for any one who does not fall in line,or cannot handle the stress of being in the military.
If I such a bad problem why did they let me into the USAF in the first place and allow me to serve 3 years,than decided that I’m unfit.What a laugh.All I can hope is that there is a space somewhere they end up going to where they themselves experience all the crap they have dissed out in their careers both in the service and outside of it.
If I come across as a little bitter,well I am.I served my country to the best of my ability.I just would not get down on my hands and knees and kiss the ass of those that had more stripes than I did and they felt that they deserved to have their ass kissed the same way they had to when they did not have stripes.I guess the saying absolute power corrupts absolutely does indeed apply here.
The supervisor I’m referring to was a Tech Sgt.At one point he told me that he did not like me and wished he could take me out back of the building and give me an ass whipping,the he felt I deserved just as it was done to him when he was in the service in the sixties.( at least that is what I’m guessing)He went on to further say I’m going to get rid of you.He did manage to do that,in the form of writing poor performance reports on me.That kept getting me pulled into the squadron commanders office and getting chewed out.Finally the commander said that I will not be allowed to reenlist.and about a month later I was being sent to the psychs office and being diagnosed as having a personality disorder even though that is not what that man said to me,he told me I was manic/depressive and that he will not give me any type of service connected disability. In stead his report read that I had a personality disorder that was prior service and that I should be separated from the service at my commander’s discretion,and so that is what was done to me.It did not matter that I did not drink prior service it did not matter that I dod not try to kill myself prior service.all this started while I was in the service and they have the guts to say all that was prior service.Oh I forgot that stuff was convienly not put in my there fore it did not happen.

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  1. The military is good at that. The ones with the pucker power seem to get away with everything, but the ones that won\’t bow down to the upper crust need to watch their backs.Sorry to hear that this happened to you.

  2. Jo,I just did not want to kowtow to any one,my Dad taught me better.He was a cryptographer(code specialist)when a general walked into the crypto romm and Dad said that he did not belong there,the general pointed to the star on his shirt saying this says I do.Dad pulled out his side arm and said this says you do not and that you have to leave.the general did,I think Dad would have shot him if he had not left the building.

  3. Good to get that stuff off your chest Mike. Keep your chin up and don\’t let the turkeys get you down anymore. It\’s all in the past. Chalk it up to bad experience and put one foot in front of the other. ­čÖé

  4. Sojourner,I know that I to get this stuff out and this is one way of doing this.If I don\’t fight the V.A. and the others that this was done to they will continue to keep screwing over the service men and women and that has got to stop.We steped up when we were needed now it it the governments turn to do the right thing also.

  5. The military mindset is the real personality disorder. Hope you\’re feeling more upbeat.

  6. Bipolarlawyercook.the really sad part is that there havew been way too many other whom this was done to as well.This is why I talk about this.It helps me and hopefully it will help someone else.Travis,yeh it is a shame.the real crime is that it has been done to other Americans as well,we all served out country and some of us have been treated like something that the cat forgot to bury.

  7. Mike,I know where you\’re coming from. Dad was badly injured in training camp when WWII started. He had volunteered, but when he was hurt, they gave him a medical discharge with no pension and gave all of his Army pay to his mother, who squandered it. He never did get a veteran\’s pension, which is what he deserved and Mom was left a widow with very little income. I do understand that the military pulls this kind of stuff. I, for one, am proud of you for serving your country. All those who serve are heroes in my eyes. Thank you for doing your part and giving the sacrifice that you did.Blessings,Mary

  8. Mary,thank you for your comment.It is a shame that this was done to your Dad as I told my psych doctor.knowing what I know right now back than I would still enter the service.I felt that atrongly ablot it,Just as my Friend Irv feel about the path he took.

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