The Wind Beneath My Wings.

Phyllis over at Scrappy and Happy has the wind Beneath My wings for any one that wants to thank someone for helping you here in blogland. With being said I have a whole binch of people that I want to give this to.I may not have these in the order that people have helped me and I Thank all of those who have helped me,y”all know who you are and if I forget to mention you that I’m sorry about that.This being said you know who you are and you are welcomed to take this award for your self and to share it with the one’s that have helped you as well.
so with out further adiu here are just some of my recipients: Hope ,Mary ,Trav. I know I have forgotton a couple of people and I’ll just come back and add their names as well as soon as I remember them. Sojourner is one such person.

Big time {{{{{HUGS}}}} and {{{{BLEASINGS}}}}} To all of you my friends here in the blogland and cyberworld.

16 Comments on “The Wind Beneath My Wings.

  1. THanks Mike- I needed a little boosting today. You are awful sweet to say tha I have been helpful to you. RIght back at ya, Buddy!

  2. Thank you Sir. I like to help when I hear of someone struggling with something I\’ve figure out how to do.

  3. Mike, I love you like a brother! You make me smile. Thanks for coming by my site today. You are always a bright spot.Jennifer

  4. Jennifer,this goes both ways,you are a bright spot as well.Sandra,thanksPhyl,thanks for the linky-love now all I gotta do is liarn how to add it to my site.

  5. Mike,Thanks so much for this beautiful award. I like to help out when I can.Be sure to come by my blog in a bit. I\’m going to pass this on.Blessings,Mary

  6. Hey, Mike…did you know that forgotten revelations is my daughter? I told her that you link to her and it made her whole day. You should see her smile!hugs!

  7. Phyl.I just clicked on her comment and went to here site.I liked what I saw so she\’s part of the roll.

  8. Mike,Please drop over to my Writing Nook and see who I have passed the beautiful award on to. There is also a little something there for you.You made my day.Blessings,Mary

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