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some thing that I need to share

I have something that I need to share about me.It is a deep emotional scar that I have.it all stemmed from an incident.I alluded to it on Tracy’s site in a comment I made.The problem is that I do not know how to talk… Continue Reading “some thing that I need to share”

So Far So Good.

Well today is going good so far. I did start visiting a litttle.My comments will be brief for the time being.This being said,I read a great post today by my friend Jennifer,called beauty.I recomend the read to every one. so much so that it… Continue Reading “So Far So Good.”

a bad week.

this has been a really bad weeek. lets hope next one will be better. I do not even have the energy to read the posting of all my favorite bloggers. I just marked all 100 as read and did not. I’m sorry for not… Continue Reading “a bad week.”

I’m not visiting any one today

I caught my self asking for prayers for the slain officer from Twinsburg Ohio.When I made some comments today. so I stopped visiting the people I visit. I did not want to depress them as I’m feeling today. So the reader will be ignored.I’ll… Continue Reading “I’m not visiting any one today”

I’m so bummed out.

I am so bummed out about the Twinsburg Police Officer being killed in the line of duty. that I do not feel like commenting any more to day.Maybe tomorrow.

the newest thing on my side bar.

I have added something that I saw on St.NicksBytes. It make a lot of sense so I copied it and added it to my site as well.

This makes 201

This is officially my 201 first posting. I am improving but still have a ways to go.the medication change is just starting to work. Soon maybe I’ll be back to writing the silly posting that I used to do. Of course the silly videos… Continue Reading “This makes 201”

looking forword to a new day.

My Doctor has made a change in the medications that I take.It may take a week or two to finally kick in fully.Until that time it is one day at a time or if need be five minutes at a time.By the Grace of… Continue Reading “looking forword to a new day.”

a book called "I’m dancing as fast as I can."

back in the late 70’s or Early 80’s there was a book written called “I’m dancing as fast as I can”,I read this book and I took a lot of good ( I had a different word here and i knew I spelled it… Continue Reading “a book called "I’m dancing as fast as I can."”

I was tagged.

I was tagged for a meme. I do intend to do it.I just donot know when I will be doing so.I have been depressed a little more that usual.I have not even been commenting like I usually do.In fact I may take a day… Continue Reading “I was tagged.”

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