as my policy goes.

As I have said before here is a neighbor that I want to thank for putting me on their site as a posting. My Friend Kelly O over at so go on over and say Hi,she also has highlighted a bunch of our other neighbors as well.

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  1. thanks for the visit. i was a Real Estate Appraiser not too long ago but i\’m on another career path now.Keep playing that Hammered Dulcimer…Music is the greatest!

  2. TFO,my leaveing realestate was caused by the fact my siezures made it impossible to work,you have to drive to meet potentail listing and potential buyers,so I put my license in escrow,and the chance of going back into the business is not an option.I donot have the funds to keep up on my continueing education,and therefore my license will be lost.the Dulicmer playing is on hold also for the reason I cannot risk destroying it by haveing a seizure and falling onto it,and destroying it as well.

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