folks this is a rest posting.I’m gonna try to follow the directions that Mary gave me.lets see if it works.I may have to have a copy of every bodys blog address copied down for I can read it off when I do the linking that I want to do.

After I did post this I tried it as well as Mysti who left me a comment that the link does work.

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  1. Mysti,thanks I just tried it myself as you were trying it as well.I finally did learn hot to do this.with many Thank\’s to Mary,over at Marys writing nook.

  2. Mike,You are welcome. Glad I could help. Please stop by my blog and take a copy of the award that I left to everyone on my blogroll. I just haven\’t got you added yet, but definitely plan to. Things have been a little crazy here.Anytime I can lend you a helping hand, I will if I can. Have a wonderful evening.MaryPS. Thanks for the link

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