Help I need Help!!

Now if I could just figure how to make the links to some one’s site work when I type the name of the site onto a posting,such as travsthoughts this does not highlight,can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong.and if so email me and teach me how to do this,and remember I am not that computer savvy.
If I cannot get this working I will have to redo my blog roll to show me the way the links look. If I click the name in the blog roll that link will open,But i cannot get the link to open if the name is typed into a posting.

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  1. Mysti,I have seen other blogger members with a name highlighted and when clicked on you go to that site.and that is what I would like to do mon my postings as well.if not I will have to do the http://

  2. If this is what you are asking: you\’re posting and you want to post a link to the blog of the person about whom you\’re posting, say Mysti for example. Type her name, then highlight it, look at the tools above the post body, right beside the T color box is an icon that will say link if you put the cursor arrow over it, click it and an address will pop up with Enter a URL: http:// after the the backslahes type: mystispirtualjourney.blogspot.comHope that works and was were seeking to accomplish.

  3. Mike,When you are posting write the name of the site, such as \”Mary\’s Writing Nook.\” Place your cursor at the beginning of the first word. Left click and highlight to the last word. Then look up to the top and you will see a symbol that looks a little like a snake. Click there and a feature box will open. Enter the URL of the site in the box. Click save and you will have created a link out of the words.Hope this helps. Thanks for stopping by and clicking on my Grand River post.Blessings,Mary

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