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Attention visitors,the blog roll keeps growing.I have added more blogers as I travel blogland,when I see a blog that I have visited I’ll add the person,especially if the blog writer really grabs my attention,as the poeple listed on my blogroll shows.well I guess that’s all folks it is currently 1223 am and it is about time to but this old man to bed,before my Mrs me the wahat for.Bye all.

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  1. Good Morning Mike,Well, I hope you got in bed on time and your wife didn\’t get mad at you. LOL. I do hope you got a good night\’s rest tho. I am trying to catch up as I didn\’t visit much over the weekend. When my DH is home, I want to spend most of my time with him. I\’m glad to see your blogroll is growing. Just keep up the good work and visiting and I\’m sure you will have a very long list before too long. I do hope that you had a great weekend. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.Karen H.

  2. Hi Mike! I saw that you added me to your blog roll. Thank you! I appreciate the tip on cleaning. It\’s not something I do well. I use bleach to clean the pottys and I use it in the spring to clean mildew off the side of our home. But you are right – it is strong stuff. and UGH, the smell. Have a pleasant Monday evening and a great Tuesday too! Blessings, Jennifer

  3. Hi MikeJust dropping by to say hi before heading to bed LOLI can tell your blogroll has been growing, that is great. One blog I think you would enjoy as well is by a friend of mine Kelly, he\’s a retired Air Force Veteran and just started his blog this past week :)

  4. Mike,Your story about being tired while at the computer reminded me of a funny story. My husband has to be up really early to get to work on time. He does most of his Internet surfing on the weekend. He is always looking for car stuff. Anyway, one Saturday, he was trying very hard to find a part he needed and thought he was on the trail. So he stayed on longer than he normally would. He actually fell asleep at the keyboard!! LOLHave a great day!Tina

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