Silly Sunday

this Sunday the weather is supposed to have off and on showers,the temp is a balmy 45 degrees.And this is during “winter”????Whats up with this?Oh yes the weather condition called La Nina is to blame.
I really cannot complain and I’m not in point back in december 1971 while home on leave from the USAir force the weather was shirt sleave weather and you really did not need a coat on.I had just finished Tech school and was to report to my duty station on January 14th of 1972.That duty assignment was to the 2951 combat logistics support squadron,CLSS for short,located in Sacramento California. When I arrived there I was really looking forward to that assignment.By 1993 I was verry unhappy as an aircraft electrician,my supervisor did not like me and said at one point”too bad I can’t do what used to be done,just take you out back of the building and give you an a** whipping that you deserve.” This is because I was the square peg trying to fit into a round hole.The reason for this was I had just returned from my first TDY assignment(TDY standing for Tempory Duty Assignment)during that assignment I did my job to the best of my ability,while not working I had become a drunk,trying to make friends with my fellow servicemen.It is also the first time I had attempted to kill myself.For wich I am glad that that attempt failed,but also got me in hot water with my supervisor and hence the remark that I had quoted previously in this blog.Now that I got that out of the way maybe I’ll spill some “beans in a different blog.

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  1. Yes you do ramble but I am fluent in Ramblese! Funny that you were a correction\’s officer and I made my first \’visit\’ to a correctional facility to see my bro. in law today. Glad your attempts didn\’t take as well. Have a blessed day – Jennifer

  2. Jennifer,thanks for stopping by,I\’ll return the favor and vist your site.Every day is a blessed day when you wake up and have your better half with you as well.

  3. Wow, Mike. Reading your blog is like a flash into my own past.I was an aircraft mechanic.I remember my first duty assignment. I also tried to fit in with my peers and picked up drinking to absolutely no benefit to myself.I quit drinking after a bad incident while TDY to Spain (that landed me in a hospital on suicide watch).I picked up drinking one time, but am quit for good. As a matter of fact, I went to the local club while stationed in Germany, every night, and drank orange juice, just so I could drive home all the drunk GIs who shouldn\’t drive themselves.I learned my lesson…Orange juice is way more expensive than alcohol.

  4. Kelly thsnk you for shareing you experence with me. It is nice to know that I was not the only one who had trouble fitting in.

  5. Mike,I\’m very glad your suicide attempt wasn\’t successful. It sounds like those were some very difficult days. I hope today is a wonderful day!!Tina

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