a silly stat.

counting this one I only have to post an other 313 posts before december 20,2008 and I will have made 356 posting with in one year,not bad for a newbe.if I do say so.I may have even written 30 posts on this blog in thirty days if I counted right.and If not oh well.even if I skipped a day or two I still think that I may have written the thirty posts in 30 days if you count multiple posts in one day.

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  1. Re: Counting postsYour Blog Archive in the sidebar does that for you. As I logged on just now I see you have 48 posts in 2008 (that\’s 19 in February & 29 in January). Looks like you posted 4 times in 2007 so that makes a total of 52 since you started. It seems like you\’re off to a fine start.Hugs and blessings,

  2. well I had just started in december that is why there are only four.But I truely do enjoy the blogging.It is a great experence for me.

  3. Good luck! Don\’t think we (at SHSNE) could do it if it were just one of us instead of 3. More power to you. I\’ve realized it gets much easier to post when you do it regularly… maybe I should take my own advice.

  4. Al,thanks for stopping by.For me it is a lot easier due to the fact that i donot go any where just to the doctors office and occaisonly to a family function.

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