warning,warning a rant is comming

well folks I have aluded to commonties.com,in the past.They have changed the format on what can and cannot be submitted they had even promised that the archives could be accessable,they lied when you go to the archives you donot get to see the archives.When you click on an archive subject (such as 9/11 or any other subject)instead of getting that subject you go right back to the home page that has the current stuff and that really sucks.I had fired off an email to the common ties staff telling them how disapointed I was and that I will not be visiting that site again.I’ll just stick to my own blogs and the rest of my blog world friends.

One Comment on “warning,warning a rant is comming

  1. well it is your site so you can do what ever you want,just remember that not every will agree with you,nor will they comment about what you say!

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