Paying homage to one of my late freinds.

I just remembered that I left a comment on a site called the hourseshoeinghousewife.her nick name is mikey.wich brings me to why I’m writeing this.I used to have a supervison at the sherriff’s department where I was a corrections officer.we would start out our day the same way.He would come into the control room and ask”Hey Mikey how are ya?” I would answer hey Louie fine and dandy and your self? He suffered a heart attack and died on the way to the hospital,it was not fun watching my supervisor and friend pass away.He was peonounced DOA at the hospital But I knew he was gone even before they took him to the sallyport for transportation to the hospital.
For those that do not know what a sallyport is,here is a discription.the sally part is designes to keep the jail secure at all times but still allow vehicles enter and exit.I wish there was a way to display a diragram of what I’m talking about.but here is the best that I can do. when a car or van that needs to come into the jail complex arrives one ovehead door is opened car comes in door is closed than the second door is opened,then the car is in the parking space the prosoneer(s) are let out ot the car or van put in a holding cell than taken to the booking desk.when the car is ready to leave door #3isopened the car drives into that space door #3 is closed that door#4 is opens the car leaves and goes into the street as door #4 is and vans enter the sallyport from the left tan departs on the right side. the length between doors #1 and #2 is a little longer that a van.the parking area can handle 8 cars or vans at a time,then rhe space between doors #3 and#4 are the same lenth.Darn the spell check will not work now I’ll really look like a bad speller.

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  1. I;m sorry about losing your friend, don\’t worry no one cares about spelling!

  2. Thanks for the condolences,that bad part of his death was that I watched him die and was so upset that I could not do my own job the rest of that shift.Lou was a great person to be a round.He was a big giant teddy bear of a persom,and like any bear he could get angry if you crossed him.

  3. Mike,I\’m so sorry that your friend passed away. I can imagine how very difficult it must have been to watch him die. Tina

  4. It was but as part of his Honor Guard we sent him home in a great way.we took 2 sherrif\’s cars for us the honor guard/pall bearers.and there was 2 more sheriff\’s cars for an escort duty.Even the Sherrif came to the funeral. as we escorted his coffin from the funeral home to the church and the cemitary we had our lights on and people knew that we were escotring a member of the department. Afterwards we were saying that we sent him home in style.

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