follow up on when will it end.

It turns out that the man that went on the shooting rampage was on somekind of medication and he went off it and “became erratic”and he had bought the guns legaly.This brings up the question about some one who is aparently on psych meds should the be a way to block the sale of guns to them?There are somepeople that donot need to have guns in their possesion.I’m one of them.It is just by the grace of God that I have not done something stupid as this.
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.Mike

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  1. Hi Mike…Thanks for stopping by! I am all about our right to keep and bear arms but I want some conditions as well. NO AUTOMATIC weapons of any kind. A strict 30 day waiting period with a thurough background check, medical,social,physco. I believe in hunting animals for food not trophy. I can\’t understand why there would be a fuss about waiting for a gun if it was going to be used legally. A firearm used in any crime would be automatic life sentence..NO EXCEPTIONS! (when I am Queen)LOL

  2. You you are right!I donot have a problem of useing guns to put food on the table. to take a gun out to kill for a trophy that is not right.Automatics weapons should be banned with the exception of A)the military and B)the police force,and that is questionable.A thiry day waiting period is Ok with me,that way a complete backround check can be done.useing a firearm during a crime and yes you should go to jail for life.Oh that will not work the ACLU would say we are infringing on the rights of \”criminals\”,because they are all inocent,even if they are proven guilty.

  3. Well, I don\’t think anyone but cops and the military should have guns, period, but the thing that everyone keeps forgetting is… he was OFF his meds when he bought and used the guns. It wasn\’t the meds that caused the shooting, it was the being off them that did.

  4. but by the grace of God this could have been me years ago.I was going thru a rough spot when I was a corrections officer and I knew someone else that thad thoughts of shooting his co-workers as well.Now I have put something about myself that is hard to admit,but admit I have.

  5. I believe in protection the right to possess firearms, but having a right and exercising it are two things.I don\’t need to possess one and I don\’t. Probably a good thing. Everything can get stressed or angry enough to use something in their possession that they will regret later.By the way, I think police forces should not use automatic weapons. They are not precise and the added chance of striking a violent criminal does not justify the increased chance of striking an innocent bystander.That\’s my opinion anyway.

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