Will it never end?

We have go to do something about kids getting their hands on guns.just look at the rash of killings in the different schools that have taken place.The NRA and it’s guns dont kill people do mentality has got to stop.there are too many guns out there in the hands of people that donot and should not have them.Every time I hear of a campus (high,middle or even a college schools)shooting I cringe.I know the constitution says we have the right to bear arms,But at what cost?why is there not a screening process to have a gun.and what type of gun at that? there to many people that think that a gun is the answer.

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  1. It\’s a tricky dilemma. Personally, I feel that if you made it harder for people to get guns legally, then more sane people would end up as victims. Crazy or evil people aren\’t really going to follow the rules either way. The solution seems to be to have more armed police or security on campus. Even though I don\’t even own a gun, I do agree with the saying, \”When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.\” Say if you go back to Columbine, if the shooters there thought that there was a 60% chance or greater that someone would shoot back, do you think that they would have even tried it? I know that most times the shooter ends up committing suicide, but they do so after they\’ve reached a point where they have taken \”revenge\” out on someone else. If the possibility of getting shot before they got \”revenge\” was high percentage wise, maybe it would make them think twice and thus thwart their murderous intent.

  2. It\’s my belief that if the media didn\’t focus attention on the disturbed people who commit these senselessly violent acts (giving them more than 15 minutes of fame) and focused instead on the victims and their families (illustrating concern for who really matters in these tragedies) we would have fewer of them. Hugs and blessings,

  3. Edymoin,you are right that more police and Campus security is needed.As far as the shooters commiting susicide after they got their\”revenge\”that is just an excuse to kill them selfs,if you are dead set on killing yourself than just do that why take inocent people with you??????Storyteller,here is a sorry comment on the dead,no one will speak for them the media would rather focus on the negitiveness of the cold blodded killers that the decient humans who\’s lives were taken.Evert once in a while a coward will kill and not kill themselves.Case in Point the case of bobby cuts the police officer that killed his girlfriend and than hid her body untill it had decomposed to the point that how she was killed could not determined,but he did not get away with it.he was convicted today of his crime.

  4. A big AMEN to that!!! Sorry I haven\’t been by lately, my computer is still down, so I don\’t get to read blogs as much until I get it back. You\’re right, too many people think a gun is the answer. And it\’s awfully easy for anyone to buy guns, even with the Brady law. You look around and wonder what happened to this country and it\’s people? Why?

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