Same Stuff Different Day.

Yesterday I talked about falling off the couch during a seizure. Fortunalely that has not happened again the seizures still continue.There are days that I donot have a single seizure that there are days that I have multiple ones and at different times a day.
Sometimes I’ll have a seizure shortly after going to sleep.Last night I had a couple real bad ones several hours after I went to sleep.
I am greatful that most of the problems I have are under control.My mood swings for the most part are.My asthma is under control. I just have to do something about my weight,maybe if I lost some the seizures would settle down,that happened once before. Of course i would probly need to get back to at least 160 lbs. which will take a bit of doing.I’m over 300.

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  1. Mike, I\’m so sorry about the seizures, I hope you\’re able to loose the weight you need so that they do indeed slow down for you. It\’s got to be tough living with them.My mother has epilepsy and has seizures sometimes, it\’s sad to see, you feel helpless and she feels helpless herself.Have a great night ­čÖé

  2. I am sorry about the seizures too Mike. Maybe you need to move the nightstand away from your bed just to be safe? Good luck with the weight loss, you can do it!

  3. Sorry about the seizures they must really interfere with life. Maybe one day you\’ll let me pick your brain about them. You see, my toddler has epilepsy and uncontrolled seizures. I\’ve always wanted to know things about them, like how they feel and how it feels before and after you have them and such, I don\’t know, I\’ve got a ton of questions that she is still to young to answer. I know it\’s kind of personal but maybe one day you\’ll le me pick your brain! ; D

  4. Mike,Sorry you are going through such a bad time with the seizures. It was good to hear that some of your other problems are under control. I wish you good luck with losing weight. I know it must seem like you have a long way to go, but if you keep in mind that every pound brings you closer to your goal, maybe it will help. Tina

  5. Sandra,I hope that I can lose weight also,I\’m going to try useing my exercize bike as soon as I get back from my brother-in-laws house he fixed it for us. Malloy I already did that.I\’m thinking of putting a pillow by the bed,except our cat will think it\’s for him and I don\’t want to land on him.Shannymar,yes the seizures really put a damper on my life,the thing that I miss the most is driveing this spring it will be 2 years since I was driveing.There is a web site for seizures but fot the life of me I cannot remember what the address is,but I\’m willing to answer as many of your question as I can.just email me,

  6. Good Afternoon Mike,Sorry to hear about you having the seizure\’s. Maybe if you do lose some weight it will help with them. I remember when I first found out I was a Diabetic, I was told to lose some weight. It was hard on me, but I did end up losing about 30 pounds. I\’ve since gained it back tho. After I would take our oldest daughter to School, me and my youngest daughter would go walk around the walking track they have here. I watched what I ate also and measured every little thing. I have a treadmill also, but it\’s one of those manual kinds. I would rather have an electric one, but since I don\’t, I\’ll just have to make do. I don\’t use it tho. When I first got it, the girls had a time on it. I think they thought it was some kind of toy. LOL. It\’ so great that your wife helps you during those times. I finally put up a new post late last night. We had a Tornadic Tuesday night here. We are okay here but others around us wasn\’t so lucky. I have posted today about the damage here in Arkansas and Tennesee. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.Karen H.

  7. Karen,the bad part is that there is diabedes in the family.My late Mom had it my youngest sister has it.I\’m probuly gonna get it.I\’m sorry for the folks that had to deal with tornadoes.I was a baby when one came thrue the area we lived in,and with no basement my Parents were huddled uner the kitchen table with me between the two of them and tha\’s how they rode out the twister.

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