Not a fun day

Today was no fun what so ever,after lunch I was in the kitchen hugging my Mrs G.,when I had a seizure.So ahe helped me to our couch where I was going to take a nap.I usually do.While I was napping I had a seizure and fell off the couch onto the floor.I’m glad that it has not happen while I’m sleeping in my bed.with my luck I would really bang up my head on the night stand next to my it was I’m a little sore and will probuly have black and blue marks onme tomarrow,Oh well stuff does happened.

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  1. Take care Mike. I\’m so sorry that you have to deal with that. My brother has MS and has seizures. It\’s scarey stuff.

  2. I\’m sorry to learn to had a seizure and am relieved to know you\’re okay enough to post about it here. Do take it easy and get whatever rest you need. When you feel up to it … stop by Small Reflections, pick up a bouquet of flowers, and watch the May You Be Blessed video. I watch it daily myself and believe in the power of prayer. You wife might enjoy watching it with you.Hugs and blessings,

  3. Krissy,So far bt the Grace of God I have not fallen out of the bed.Sleeping Mommy,your Brothe has our prayers, a frind of the family has MS.So haveing MS ans seizures cannot be fun at all.Storyteller I\’ll pick them up in a little bit.Thanks to all for your well wishes.Mike

  4. professor j.thae bad part of the seizures are the headaches,sometimes they start just befoe a seizure and they are there after the seizure and I have to take special meds for those headaches.

  5. Tina,I don\’t know what is more scarrier,the seizures or the time I had fluid on the heart and had only a 20% chance of survival,or when my type 1 diadetic wife has a low blood sugar to the point that she passes out,and we have to take her to the hospital.Take your pick.

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