an easy way to make comments

I have taken the code letters off from making comments.I think it will be easier this way.
I hope every one finds it to their likeing.

6 Comments on “an easy way to make comments

  1. Thank you!!! I don\’t think you\’ll be sorry at all. I took them off of mine a couple of months ago and haven\’t had any problems with anything. It makes leaving comments so much simpler for all my blog visitors too. I hope you\’ve had a delightful day.Hugs and blessings,

  2. i never had a problem with them…you\’ll probably start to get lots of spam comments..which is a good reason to consider leaving them on.but that\’s just me.

  3. Storyteller,the main reason I did this is that I don\’t have to type the code letters when I leave a reply to the comments made.Jess,if there is too many spam connents,there is a way to delete those.

  4. Thats a good thing I think. I took them off mine too, and so far only got one whacko that wrote four pages of religous drivvel, which I still have the power to veto from appearing – so cool.BTW, you mentioned on a commment on my blog, that you\’d come from a comment you liked on Grandy\’s blog… just wondering what I said that you liked?

  5. Hey, we were getting our comments through, so it\’s whatever you\’re comfortable with. Sometimes my eyes cross with these tho.

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