Just for the hell of it

Just be cause I can I think that I’ll leve my picture of My Hammered dulicmer up for a while.Now if I could figure how to add some dulicmer music to it that would be great.

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  1. I love the hammered dulcimer picture in your header and think it\’s perfect! I know there\’s a way to add music because I did it at Christmas time myself. I\’ll check back and see how I did it and let you know. What I remember is that it required putting a \”widget\” in the sidebar and selecting from available tunes. I don\’t recall if dulcimer music was available, but it might be. In any case, it\’s a marvelous idea!Congrats on adding the two awards to your sidebar. Guess my directions were clear enough to follow. In addition to the floral bouquet I left at Small Reflections yesterday, there\’s a \”blogging friends award\” on each of my blogs (posted over the weekend) to pick up and share … so you can add some additional \”bling\” now that you\’re becoming a master of these \”technical\” issues.Hugs and blessings,

  2. Mike, I think you should do a post about the dulcimer. It\’s beautiful, and I am fascinated! I know nothing about them.

  3. Tina I\’m so glad that you like the Pic,I took it with a inexpensive digital camera that I had bought to use in my realestate business,and since I cannot do that any more I decided that I could use it for other things.I even used it last christmas to take some family photos at our annual gathering.Bipolarlawyercook,I will attempt to do justice on the origins of the dulicmer,just keep checking back one and a while.Mike

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