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part 2 of you know your haveing a bad day.

I was at a doctors appointment today.While at the appointment,I had a couple of seizures and we talked about the depression and of my thoughts of suicide that I’ve been going through.My medication is being changed,and we just will have to wait and see… Continue Reading “part 2 of you know your haveing a bad day.”

you know your haveing a bad day when……

I must be having a bad day,normally I enjoy commenting on the sites I visit.today it is a well maybe I’ll find something worth commenting on,the sad thing is that every posting is worth a comment.I just cannot think of something to say.and as… Continue Reading “you know your haveing a bad day when……”

I was tagged.

I was tagged for a meme. I do intend to do it.I just donot know when I will be doing so.I have been depressed a little more that usual.I have not even been commenting like I usually do.In fact I may take a day… Continue Reading “I was tagged.”

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