I was tagged.

I was tagged for a meme. I do intend to do it.I just donot know when I will be doing so.I have been depressed a little more that usual.I have not even been commenting like I usually do.
In fact I may take a day off from blogger and checking on the other blogs as well. See every body when I feel better.

6 Comments on “I was tagged.

  1. I can certainly understand you needing to take time away from blogging for a while. Hope you feel like your old self soon.Have a blessed weekend.

  2. Oh, I do hope you\’ll feel better soon, Mike. Maybe a little prayer on your behalf will help. I will pray that our Heavenly Father lift your spirits, and bring some joy and blessings into your life. Prayer always helps.Take care, and God bless!Renie

  3. Jo,there are days the the depression is just a little to much to handle.Renie,this is something that I have lived with ever since I was in the U.S.Air Force.Renie and Mysti thank you for your prayers.

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