looking forword to a new day.

My Doctor has made a change in the medications that I take.It may take a week or two to finally kick in fully.Until that time it is one day at a time or if need be five minutes at a time.By the Grace of God,My Wife Celestine and my Doctor and all of your prayers I will get through this.

Friday I was supposed to attend a virtual baby shower.The bad thing is I forgot where I was supposed to be.Some how I had wiped out the site link or blogger wiped it out for me,and like the forgetful person I am I did not write down where I was supposed to be. I’m a little red faced to say the least.I was one of two men that was going to be there.With this being said if anyone knows where I was supposed to be Please let me know.Thank you.

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  1. Mike,I am so sorry that you are going through this. I pray that the change in meds will help. Prayers speeding toward heaven, my friend.Blessings,Mary

  2. Mike, I am so sorry that it\’s been so long since I\”ve been over to visit, and to learn that you\’ve been going through such a tough time. I am so glad you have a good wife to help you through your trials, and that you have good blog friends who are praying for you and caring for you.

  3. Mary,thank you.This is not the first time this monster has reared it\’s ugly head it has been a while since I have actually attempted to take my life.I now know when to ask for help instead of acting on the inpulse to kill myself.

  4. Dawn,I know that the dark side will not win.susicide is a perminate solution to a tempory problem.This does not mean that i won\’t stop asking for help when needed I will alwasy tell someone of what is going on inside my mind instead of keeping it to my self and than attepting too end it.

  5. Mike, I hope the meds do all that you hope they will do.Did you find the virtual baby shower?

  6. Mike – thanks for stopping by my blog. I miss my Mom too and I think of it even more on days like this. I turned your music on and it started with Chuck Mangione. My hubby is a big fan of his, so it felt like home to me! I\’m glad you have a change of meds – it should help.

  7. You\’ll be in my prayers as you make this \’meds\’ transition … and I hope you feel better soon ;–)Hugs and blessings,

  8. Storyteller thanks for stopping by.I went to the site you linked and that was not the one unfortunaly.

  9. Mike ! It was at Swampy\’s place and it was for Karmyn…and no big deal that you had more important things to do…like change your meds ! You just take care of yourself.That is NOTHING to worry about. I sign up for Fun Monday and most of the time don\’t follow the rules. There are no rules in the Blogosphere except to support each other, and from the looks of things, you have a wonderful virtual support system.You hang in there.

  10. Swampy,thank you for these kind and supportive remarks.This is why I enjoy visiting all of my blog neighbors.

  11. Mike,I am praying for you and your doctors…I pray that the change in meds will do the necessary adjustment so you will be able to feel like yourself again!!!God in in control if we open ourselves up to Him!!Prayers,Mimi

  12. Glad you have hope with the new medication, Mike. Our prayers are with you.God bless,Brenda

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