Lookie what I just got!

My friend TRACY gave me this award.Thank you Tracy I’m honored and humbled that you gave me this! I’m giving it out to all that have stopped by to comment on my blog. For you have shown me your Grace in your remarks,and I thank you for it.

8 Comments on “Lookie what I just got!

  1. And it\’s a brand new one too. I love it. Thanks Mike. I\’ll get a post up right away. Big hug. ­čÖé

  2. Sandee, I hope you enjoy the award.when I read what Tracy had to say about me I was happy and blushed a little too.

  3. Mike,You are #1212 in The Official Peace Globe Gallery. Thanks for letting me know that your globe wasn\’t showing up.See you on the 6th!Mimi

  4. Jeff, things are as well as they can be right now.Mimi,thank you for the info.See you on the 6th as well if not sooner.

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