my newest award. (post # 1123)

My latest award from Sandee.

9 Comments on “my newest award. (post # 1123)

  1. You are so deserving Mike. Thanks for playing along.Have a terrific day. Big hug. ­čÖé

  2. Awwww…congratulations Mike! i know I say it every time but you deserve every award out there ever made!!Also I am here to answer your question about the contest. Thank you very much for being a subscriber to my feed, but, to be in officially you need to sign up for my email too and also add a little mention about the contest here on your blog.It doesn't have to be an entire post about it…just a mention and a link qualifies you.Also I am no longer going to be doing daily post. I will only be making 3 post a week so your email box won't be slammed dunked every few minutes with post from my blog!!I do so hope you enter!! I love your blog and would love for it to be right there for everyone to see for an entire month!!Please no pressure…just trying to answer your question.I hope you have a terrific day!!big hugs,Jackie:-)

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