A Contest for Entre Card holders.

Jackie over at the Painted Veil is holding a contest for the Entre Carders.Go for a visit and sign up for the contest.the rules are easy to do.

6 Comments on “A Contest for Entre Card holders.

  1. It's a good contest too. Thirty day ad is nothing to sneeze at.Have a great day Mike. Big hug. ­čÖé

  2. You are definitely in my friend!! I have your name down on my pad!!Good luck!! There aren't too many in as of yet so right now your odds are looking mighty good.Thanks so much for this Mike!! you are a great friend!!Hugs,Jackie:-)

  3. I know you do Mike and you are one of the best guys I know anyway.I just stopped in to let you know that tomorrow's post will include all of the current entries so far.So you get some more free link love! I hope you have a great day my friend!:-)

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