awww monday

This may not be in the true meaning of AWWW Monday,but it’s funny to me. (Posting # 1125)

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  1. Hi Mike,I'm back from our trip and am doing some catch ups on my blogging friends. This is really cute!

  2. I think it's adorable Mike. I think it's an awww…Monday classic. Thanks for the chuckle too.Have a terrific day Mike. Big hug. ­čÖé

  3. LOL…Mike with 2 cats and a dog, not to mention a goose and ducks, I know this situation very well.I think the goose is the worst!!Great one today!!

  4. Jackie,I'm glad you enjoyed this one.When Celestine and first got married she had 1 dog and 1 cat.shortly after we added another dog,it was a cast away puppy that some one though out of a car infront of the house that we shared with her Mom and Dad.

  5. THere are worse things to step in… I assure you. Four dogs will complete my story here. At least cow poop smells closer to the earth… hehehe…

  6. As a cat owner, I can appreciate this. My current problem is with one of their friends. At night they pal around with a skunk, who I've seen stop by for a drink of water as I'm getting ready for work.

  7. A Stich in Thyme,at one time we had 2 dogs and a small back yard,makes for a lot of \”land mines\”74WIXYGRAD,that's why Harvey is an indoor cat.Don't want any skunks hanging around here.Just Be Real,I'm glad you liked this one.Kat,I'm glad you like this one.Wanda's Wings,Yep!

  8. No poop problems today but I did just have to go out and kill a wasp's nest on my mail box.I got a note from the mail lady. I hope she didn't get stung.Thanks for hosting my add Mike. I love being here for the day!!Happy day!!:-)

  9. we sometimes get wasps neste on our condo building.every time we see the we spray the to kill them as well.I don't need to be stung.

  10. I needed a laugh so badly today. And this post certainly provided one. It's even funnier to me because I grew up on the last street in town with a cow pasture behind our house. Avoiding the cow pies was a challenge.

  11. Clara,When I was a teenager i worked with some one who's family owned a farm.they used to take me there to shoot at targets.And Yep we had to dodge both cow paddies and hourse pucky.

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