Corey Heart – Sunglasses At Night Stereo

just because I can!

8 Comments on “Corey Heart – Sunglasses At Night Stereo

  1. This cat was way to cool for his time!! I have never surrender on my blog… he was far better vocally then he was every recognized for.Tammy

  2. oh man, I really dig corey hart, and I am not ashamed to say so lol\”a stitch in thyme\” has the video of \”never surrender\” on her blog dedicated to us recovering types… you can find her link in my blogroll…happy saturday my friend!

  3. Amias,I'm,glad that you enjoyed this one.A Stich in Thyme,I will never surrender as well.Scott,cool cats and cool songs is what I love as well.Anon Drifter,well some people like this song others don't,what can i say.RedKathy,I'm glad you enjoyed this one.

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