A Rant about a SCUM SUCKING maggot! (#1120)

well folks the Golch Central computer was once a victim of an attack,by some scum sucking maggot.It is the same attack that got me in July.this time I just did an emergency shutdown(shut off the power bar that feeds the computer,monitor and a few other computer needs)of the computer. Than I restarted the computer,ran
the legitimate computer scan and a malware scan as well. between the 2 programs I found a total of 10 infected files this time. Thank You God,that the whole computer was not taken over.Other wise I would have had to completely wipe out the computer taking it back to factory setting using the recovery discs that came with my computer.
A word of advice,if you do not have a set of restore discs you maybe able to create your own using a program that should be in you own computer.what this does is create a back up disc for you if you need to wipe out the computer.My factory provided disc do just that what they do not do is save any programs that you installed since buying the computer those need to be backed up separately.
now to address the scum sucking maggots that created these attack programs,I hope if you are a male or a female that you cannot ever procreate to unleash more evil into this world.Oh and by the way May the fleas of a billion camels infest all of you body hair and cause you immense suffering just as you inflict suffering on other peoples computers just for your sick vile brain’s pleasure,it is a shame that you can not write a program to help people rather than attack them.
did I mention that you are lower that a cockroach?? if I did not you are that and even more.

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  1. Do you know which entrecarder it is? You need to tell entrecard if you know. I have one entrecarder that is doing awful here, but not giving me a scan. It just locks everything up and I have to shut off the computer. I've got it narrowed down to a few and hopefully pretty soon I'll know just who it is. I like the name you have for these less than human idiots.Have a terrific day Mike. Big hug. ­čÖé

  2. Sandee,unfortunaly I donot have the name of the blog that was userped.it happened while i was doing the drops inbox.I did report that there was an virus site in Entre Card.

  3. Don't hold back Mike… tell us what you REALLY think. :)Seriously though, I am SO SORRY that it happened to you again. You do a lot of good through your blog Mike. You share prayer requests all the time. The enemy doesn't like it when God's people pray so it doesn't surprise me that you've been attacked. Just clean up your computer, claim your victory, and keep on blogging.Hugs!

  4. Jennifer,I already have cleaned up the computer.the great thing is that I did not lose one single thing!!! I win this round,this time.

  5. I've been virused that many times it's too high to count now. You're right, they're maggots.

  6. it is a shame that people with the knowledge to create these viruses can not put it better use. They ruin a good thing for everyone

  7. Anon Drifter,I lost track of how many times I have had to kill this computer just to get it to work propely again.Ann,you are so totally right on this one.Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Agreed…they seriously need to get a life or stop taking out their misery on innocent bloggers.

  9. You know I did a full scan last night. I had free time as my satellites were down and it's the first time 4 suspicious files were found and cleaned.Usually I just have one. I always have one.I like Sandee am also running across a site that has a pop up and when it happens I freeze up.But, I can't narrow it down to which site it is either.Gee whiz I am sorry to hear that it hit you again Mike. We just spent $200 to have Walter's laptop repaired and he picked his up on facebook but we don;t know what application zapped him.Dorthy is right about this. What a shame they are smart enough to write a virus and don;t use the skills to do good instead hurtinf people!!

  10. Jackie,I got hit the first time while on facebook,now this time on entrecard.Now I have my Firefox browser set to not let a site switch to a different site.I believe that is how my computer got attacked,I just do not know for sure.

  11. Wanda's Wings,I guess the person tha created this is so unhappy that by making someones live misrable makes them feel good.Sad really.Amias,all I can do is to cause their ears to burn.since I donot know where this was created. I look at it this way we all have a record book that must be accounted for when go home.

  12. Mike, So sorry that you have been targeted twice. There will always remain a segment of society that uses their time and intelligence for harm vs. good. It is very sad!

  13. Tamara(TC),unfortunly they are these evil people in the world and there is a special place for them,called HELL!

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