A prayer request from a fellow blogger

I just read a posting that brought me to tears,one of the bloggers that I follow is talking about how depressed that she is and how a person that she knew took her own live on Christmas eve 2008.I need everyone to keep an open heart and MIND and pray that things improve for AWAKE IN ROCHESTER.

6 Comments on “A prayer request from a fellow blogger

  1. I saw your post Mike, and I cried when I read what you wrote. You take care .. she will be all right. We shall pray and pray some more. God works wonders when we all pray in union.

  2. Amias,I was in tears as I wrote the comment that I left on her site as well as when I wrote this posting. To me every life is inportant.

  3. I didn't know Mike. I will head over right away. i have been away alsmost all day and then had some technical problems.Oh this is so so sad. I'm headed now and will most definitely keep her in my prayers!

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