FYI about the seizures that I have

On the posting called just a quicky,I remember writing the post up to the point where I said that I cannot.the rest of it I do not remember nor do I remember posting it and turning off the computer,and monitor.The next thing that I remember was waking up and Celestine was home from shopping and going over to her Moms house. Most of all I am sorry that I scared the living daylights out of you.

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  1. MIKE it's only now that i've done my rounds in friends' blogs and these posts on your seizures alarmed me especially that quickie post you did. it must really be quite awful to go through seizures or not remembering what happened. i can imagine how frustrating that is for you. i do hope you get well and never have any attack ever again. i have a prayer list in my journal and i will include your complete healing in that list. i hope that would help somehow. GOD BLESS!Bing

  2. Mari,the episodes are scarry,and I never had one while I was blogging before that I know of.PinkLady,that would be nice I had them as a child and they settled down,that in the 2000 the came back hard.this is where the serenity prayer comes in especially the first line.God greant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change….

  3. Mike there is no need to apologize at all!! We all love and care about you very much.I hope you will take the weekend and get some rest.big hugs,Jackie:-)P.S. I had Epileptic seizures as a child. However, I don't remember them.My biological mother had the same problem, then grew out of them, but, in her later years they returned. So I am praying that that this won't happen to me.Take care…we are always here!!

  4. Shinade AKA Jackie,lets hope that does not happen for you they did for me.There is a family history of seizures in my family as well.

  5. Mike,So glad to hear you are okay, and like the others, I agree, absolutely no need to apologize, I'm just glad that things worked out fine.We do all care about you….Take care, and I hope you are seizure free from now on!! ­čÖé

  6. Kat I doubt if that will happen the only med that helped 95% was Dialantin and I connot take that any longer due to the side effects.SubVet,thank you for keeping me in your prayers.

  7. Yikes Mike. This doesn't sound good at all. Perhaps you had better trim your blogging back a bit. Okay, maybe a lot. Just saying. ­čÖé

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