I just had to put this up.

14 Comments on “WALTZING MATILDA

  1. I remember this one. My mother used to play it all the time. Thanks for the smile.Have a terrific evening Mike. Big hug. ­čÖé

  2. Oh my gosh, I had to go to playlist and listen to that song. Little did I know her name would take off like this. Tooo funny. LOL

  3. Sandee,I'm glad that I made you smile.Unfortunately right after I posted this I had a bad seizure,took my headache meds and laid down to sleep,I just got up.Mari,and an enjoyable one.Wanda's Wings,when I found this and Burl Ives was singing it,I just had to post it.A Stich in Thyme,I'm glad you enjoued this one.Anon Drifter,I'm glad that I brought some good memeroies to you.

  4. I loved this song growing up. Thank you for sharing. I have been negligent in reading my blogger friends pages, so sorry. Glad to know you are ok, and hope that you have a great weekend.Blessings.

  5. Mike, I know i sent a comment already, but i would like to apologize for being such a horrible blogger friend. I have emotionally been dealing with a few things, and have isolated myself from those who are important in my life. I didn't even realize i have done so truthfully until a a couple of days ago. I knew i was letting my blog go, I had no real words, but in doing that i also let down my blogger friends by not making the rounds. I just have not felt up for it. I am so sorry. Not sure why i did that other then i am struggling inside with a few things. Please forgive me. I will try and be better at keeping up with my friends.Tracy

  6. Tracy,I'm glad you enjoyed this song.as for being sorry for not keeping up with the blog buds,no biggie.you are not a bad peosn,just some one that was dealing with issues as well all do from time to time.I have days where I do not keep up with the blogs as well.Especially if I'm have 1)a bad week 2)the computer has problems.Big Hug my friend.

  7. Jackie,I'll give it a go.Stacy,I have heard this song a lot growing up and they even used it one an episode of J*A*G*

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