This is really Great

Sandee,Has changed to blog to make it load faster and is easier to navagate.

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  1. I think it look pretty good Mike. When you don't want certain items on your navigation bar then let me know and I'll remove or replace with what you do want.I'm glad you like it Mike. Have a terrific evening. Big hug. ­čÖé

  2. I really like it that we get to the post quicker. First time visit it is very nice to see all your tributes but after that it's all \”been there done that\”. Not that it removes any significance mind you, very good tributes. But sometimes in i'm a wicked hurry and need to get to the point quickly. LOLLooks great

  3. Oh and mike, I have lupus so that explains a lot of my headaches now as well. I meant to tell you that yesterday. It is all par for the course. Flaring now and it sucks. But it too shall pass.

  4. Sandee,thank you.A Stich in Thyme,Sandee took care of all that,it is still there up in the Nav bar that she created for me.Sorry that the Lupus causes the bad headaches,i can relate to those,mine are caused by my seizures.Wanda's Wings,Sandee is the reason this blog is the way it looks now.

  5. Gee whiz I wish i had Sandee to help me. it loaded fantastic Mike and looks great!!I have a new make over coming soon. I am not savvy enough to do myself and I take forever to load.Good for you!! Happy day!!Jackie:-)

  6. Shinade,some of this I was able to do,and that Sandee,did the rest.In order to have Sandee be able to work on this blog the way she did is to grant her admin.status,I am so glad that I did.

  7. Great job on Mike's blog, Sandee. Mike, it really loads much faster now. I love the new navigation bar. It simplifies everything. =)Bing

  8. Mari,thank you.Sandee really unclutterd the blog with the Nav Bar.Pink Lady,I'm glad that Sandee was able to clean up my blog,I like the new look and I'm glad that it loads quicker.Moutain Woman,I was able to find the template and SANDEE did the rest to make it load quickerbutting in the nav bar that decluttering my blog.

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