Parts of me Part 2

when I was talking about my first marriage I only talked about the bad stuff in the marriage,we did have some good times as well.We did some silly thing and some fun things.The first time and only I went to Disneyland (a childhood dream come true)was as an adult with my first wife MaryEllen.we have been to places like fisherman’s wharf,Cannery Row in Monterrey,Winchester Mystery house.and a bunch of other things that have escaped my mind now.

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  1. so every marriage has it ups and downs,it all depens on which is better the ups or the downs more downs mean a divorce.

  2. I'm glad you are able to look back and see the good as well as the tough times.

  3. Peel back anger & hurt, you almost always find love & comfort.

  4. I've been to most of those places myself. It's good that you remember the good things Mike. Much more important than dwelling on the bad.Have a terrific day. Big hug. ­čÖé

  5. Mari,it is much better to remember the good things.Just Be real,I even have forgiven my former best friend og his indescretion.We have not seen or heard from each other since the eairly 70's when he was transfered overseas.A Stich in Thyme.I choose to remember the positive parts of that marriage.Sandee,those are some great places to visit!

  6. There wouldn't have been a marriage without the good time and love. I don't understand how that can go away but sometimes it does.

  7. Syd,we both married each other for our own reasons,and they may have not been the right reason,and that's all i say.

  8. I too have been married before and there are both bad and good memories.Heck even now, after 30 years in this relationship we have had our ups and downs.It took me a while to get over some of the bad things and focus on what was good. But, once I did what a difference it made in my life.This is very brave of you Mike to share so much with us. It must also be good for you to finally talk about it.I like everyone else am very glad that you are remembering the good times!!In the end of ends, the good things in this world are all that will truly matter to those left behind!!Hugs,Jackie:-)

  9. Jackie,how true.Even in this my second marriage,Her first.We have our days,if just takes comittment on both our parts and a lot of give and take.

  10. Sometimes it's just way too easy to forget the good times when they get all mired down in the breakdown of the marriage. Fortunately, though, those times can be resurrected and remembered and even cherished if we let them.

  11. MIKE i wanted to leave a comment on your first post about yourself but i was in a rush at that time. no life is perfect. but it is the \”imperfections\” that led us to where we are now. we loved, we stumbled, we picked up the pieces, we LEARNED, we moved on. there should be no regrets because what appeared to be mistakes in the past are actually stepping stones to get us here at this present moment. don't you just love the NEW YOU that has emerged from all the joys and heartaches of your past? a better, happier, more contented, much stronger and more mature MIKE GOLCH who now knows and appreciates the real value of his i keep on saying, you have become an ANGEL to many of nice it is to remember not only the bad but also the good old times… i love your attitude!hugssss for you, MIKE!

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