A prayer request.

A prayer request was made by Mountain Woman; this the reply she left me on the Prayer Request for Kari’s Dad: Done Mike If you could add another to the prayer list, my dearest friend Chris’ Dad is in the hospital and having a most difficult time. He and his family can use all of our prayers too.
Thank you for this part of your blog. It’s very special.
Mountian Woman thank you for offering prayers for Kari’s Dad and I will be gladly post you request.

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  1. i will catch up with the prayer requests MIKE and post all of them.. been going through a difficult period myself and the memes helped to entertain me (that Sheep blog now looks like a big playground). thanks for being such an angel to all of us. rest assured that i have prayed for everyone you posted here. GOD BLESS!

  2. Thank you! I'm pleased to report Chris' Dad has turned the corner and is now starting to improve. There is so much beauty and and power in prayer.

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