Cliff has posted a prayer request for his son Adam on both his site and the Prayer Hubs site.

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  1. I include all my bloggie people in my prayers and he will be included. Kind of you to post for him.

  2. Thanks for the heads up, Mike. I've been real slow lately and not visiting blogs much. I didn't know about this. Love to you too!

  3. Cliff,I know that you would do the same for me if I was asking for prayers.God Bless you and your family.Michelle,thank you for stopping by and adding Adam to your prayers.

  4. you are such an angel, MIKE.. as always. i will include Adam in my prayers. a blessed Sunday to you.

  5. Mike, you're an inspiration to us all.Thanks for visiting with me today. Hope your Sunday will treat you well.

  6. PinkLady,there was a time when you would not have thought of me that way.This will be part of my 1,000th posting.Hootin' Anni, I am just trying to live my life as God and My savior Jesus Christ would want me to be.Thank you for stopping by today.

  7. Oh Mike the new look is wonderful. I have been on break for so very long but I am working my way back.I just couldn't stop for today without visiting you. I am so glad I did.Everyone is so correct. You are such a fantastic inspiration to us all. And as for Adam, I just now stopped and said a prayer.Wow is this really going to be your 1000th post? Congratulations.I had to make my post an update post today and let everyone know what and where I and my husband are in regards to…well…everything.I hope to go forward now that this post is over and reach out as much as I possibly can!!Big big hugs,Jackie:-)P.S. Speedy stole the jukebox idea from me….lol…told me he was going to and he did….so I hopped right over and grabbed his jukebox picture! But, of course, it's not really stealing…you can't steal what is given freely and in love and friendship!G2G..Blessings Mike!

  8. Shinade,thanks for stopping by and for your kind 1,000 th posting is comming extremely soon.I will be hitting it maybe monday after I do my aww momday.

  9. i have never saw an instrument like the one in your sticky post. it looks really interesting to play

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