A News legend has passed away.for 19 years Walter Cronkite walked us through the evening news.He informed us of President Kennedy’s Death,he was with us when Man first landed on the moon.He informed us of the news in a kind way that informed us not scared us. He was a hero to me. AND THAT IS THE WAY IT IS.-WALTER CRONKITE (AKA MIKE GOLCH) REPORTING.


  1. OMG! I didn't even know he had passed? Awwww, I liked Walter. He will be missed.Thank you for posting this.Take Care,Kat

  2. Loosing so many so close together. Very strange. He was a great news man. Always enjoyed the sound of his voice coming from another room. Very soothing to me.

  3. thanks for the visit, I just hope I won't have the same experience as you do, that would be scary if my pc breaks bcos of the facebook, i never used twitter..have a great weekend.

  4. R.I.P Walter Cronkite, a man who has been through moments with Americans for almost two decades. I believe he will be dearly remembered in the hearts of many.

  5. I am very sad about Mr. Cronkite. He was such a well-respected gentleman. Rest in peace.

  6. Kat,he died yesterday during the day in friday.A Stich in Thyme,we at least he lived a great life.Jessel,thank you for visiting with me as well.BK,He was the kind of man to tell it like it was,he let all sides have it like a true journalist should do.Daisy,he will be missed.there will never be another man like him.AirmanMom,That he was and a gentilman about it.

  7. He was a legend. Godspeed, Mr. Cronkite.And thanks for adding me to your Ohio network!

  8. Julie,that he was indeed.He was well respected by the anchors on the other networks as he called them.I am only too glad to add you to the blog listing.

  9. It made me sad to hear of his passing. Rest in Peace Mr. Cronkite.

  10. Jennifer,I was saddened when I heard that he had passed away as well.Real Live Lesbian.there will never be a news anchor as powerful as he was ever again.

  11. His reporting of the Vietnam War use to piss me off. But he seem to report other issues fair and even. I wonder how he would handle the huge divide in today’s politics.

  12. Aw … how sad. I hadn't heard. Guess that's what happens when I don't turn on the television for a few days. Thanks for sharing and for dropping by Sacred Ruminations and sending the email link. Congratulations on your 1000th post. I just reached 402 at Sacred Ruminations so I have a ways to go there. I suspect there are more at Small Reflections but I've not checked for a while. Perhaps if I add all my blogs together I might be approaching 1000 … but maybe not.Hugs and blessings,

  13. Storyteller,He was truely one of the greats.If I was to add up all the posting aon all of my blogs I'd most likly be pushin 1,120.

  14. Mr Cronkite did his best to tell the truth based on the facts, even if that truth was difficult or inconvenient to hear.

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