the good,the bad,and the ugly.

yesterday,was one of those days as I said in my Awww Monday posting. The good part of it was spending Part of the Day with Celestine and her Mom,celebrating two birthdays.Today is Her Mom’s birthday,and Thursday will be my Celestine’s birthday.(as a gentleman I will not revile her age.)
The bad was having seizures,and having to sleep for two hours before we were able to come home.
The ugly was having to kill the computer again.Somehow I lost a bunch of files,such as my photos(the total file not the photos that I had in it,Those i still have to put back in.),ectera. and the only way to retrieve them was to take the stinking computer back to factory settings.So when it came time to give it a description,it got this description”the pain in the ass in the living room!”

the blog count is now b-9 and counting.Thanks to all that have given me suggestions as to how To put into the 1,000 posting.

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  1. Sorry you had seizures so much yesterday Mike. That surly put a damper on the festivities. Happy birthday to your MIL and your wonderful wife Celestine. That is indeed the very best part of the day.I hope you get your computer things taken care of soon. I hate it when things don't go right. Frustrating.Have a terrific day. Big hug. 🙂

  2. Sandee,thank you. I spent most of the evening trying to get rid of the pesky bugs in it.hopefully I have.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear you had many seizures yesterday Mike. I'm sending you some Reiki m'dear. x

  4. Ugh. I'm so sorry to hear about this bad day. I hope you're feeling better now and hoping the computer starts acting better.

  5. Akelamalu,that is just the way things are for me.good days are small seizures where I just stare off into space,bad bays are when the siezures are the shake rattle and roll type.Momisodes,the computer is much better I still have a few more things to put back into it.

  6. Mike, so sorry you had seizures and then to have more problems with the computer. I can't even imagine.Glad part of the day was happy with wonderful birthday celebrations.

  7. Mountain Woman,I'm glad the the day was enjoyable as well.even with the couple of negitive things.I was able to get here tv and vcr working.

  8. Dang Mike, you cannot cut a break can you! Sorry you experienced, the bad and the ugly, but also the good too!

  9. Just Be Real,as that TV show song used to go,\”you take the good with the bad and you have the facts of life…\” besides some times I get through the whole day with just a minor one or three,the kind where I just freeze up and stare into nothingness.

  10. Dmarks,unfortunaly this is just the way it is.The medications I on helps a lot,but there are times when I just have a really bad.Wanda's Wings,after a bad episode I will take my migraine madicine and sleep for two hours and will be feeling better.

  11. mike…I am so sorry to hear of all that is going on right now. My prayers are lifted for you.~AM

  12. AirmanMom,this ijust a bad time that happens to me.most of the time things are tolerable and i don't blog about that.the the really bad day I blog about.I know sometimes I may come across as saying poor me,but this is not the case.I was sharing about the good stuff that happend and the bad.Now I have to come up with something that will knock the socks off my wife on thursday for her Birthday.

  13. Hi Mike ~ Sending warm thoughts and positive energy your way. Computers – we can't live with them and we can't live without them – total lesson in frustration. I do hope you get your computer working just like new and that you are able to recover all of your files! Take care.

  14. some stuff I did manange to back up.some stuff no.what I miss the most is the awards that I lost.such as the Making a difference award.

  15. A Happy Belated Birthday to your Mother-in-law and a Happy Birthday to Celestine in advance.Sorry to hear about the seizures and your computer; hope that you are feeling much better now and that your computer has been taken care of.

  16. EastCoastLife,the photos I have saved on a floppy disc.When I was trying to do a blog makeover I had taken most of the stuff off my site and put them into a folder on in my documents,but did not back up that info.that stuff I totally lost.BK,thank you.The seizures I have no control over the medicine helps,but does not stopp them totally.thank you for the birthday wishes,I'll pass them on.the computer is back to \”normal\” just minus the stuff that I lost.

  17. Mike, I hope that things are better today. It sounds like a trying day at the least.

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