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no fun today.

Just before 4:00 PM I had 2 bad seizures and took some of my medication for the monster headache and took a 2 hour nap. normally I get to go to the bathroom during the nap not this time.Celeastine had checked on me to… Continue Reading “no fun today.”

it’s not a good day.

The day started out so good,and than my mood took a downward turn.I have been playing my computer games most of the day.

It’s that kind of a day

I’m not having a good day today. I only did some EC drops and I do not feel up to doing any more. I will see everyone tomorrow, maybe.

Not a Good Day Today

I’m not having a great day. All I want to do is sit and play my games. I’ve only done some EC drops at Golch Central and Mike’s Place. I have not done any drops on Loonytoon Central as of yet. Part of it… Continue Reading “Not a Good Day Today”

it’s not a good day.

between AT&T bill and entrecad not working right and my bi-polar acting up it’s not a good day.AT&T do you asshats think I’m made of Money?? you upped my dsl fees 10 fuckin bucks.Hey assholes I’m on a fixed income,between you jerks the banks… Continue Reading “it’s not a good day.”

Prayers for Harvey

About a half an hour ago Harvey our cat pictured here had what appeared to be a seizure. He was making the same crying noise that he makes when he is about to throw up (he does that a lot) so I went to… Continue Reading “Prayers for Harvey”

Airman Mom: Deep Sadness…


I have been Mia.

To all: I have been AWOL/MIA from Golch Central and Nut Case 1. I did a extremely stupid thing and I almost died because of it. I just got home from being in the hospital. On Monday I tried to take my own life… Continue Reading “I have been Mia.”

computer problems again.

my main computer is inop.I will be working on it for most of what is left in the day.

what a day.

today is not a good day,for the i just want to sit around and do nothing.My games are no fun I cannot get the you tube to play.it is just on hell of an fuc##d day.Needless to say I’m not visiting and even doing… Continue Reading “what a day.”

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