A cool award that I just got

Jennifer over at the dustbunny hostage gave me this award. I have given it to some people already the list of recipients can be found on my WORDPRESS site. so drop on by and have a cup of coffee with me the pot’s always on.

9 Comments on “A cool award that I just got

  1. Congrats Mike! That is an awesome blog award and you do deserve it! :o)

  2. The Southern Mom, yes Jen is a hoot and a keeper.Sandee, thank you and a big Hug right back at ya!Daffy, thank you for the complement.Lou thanks for stopping by.

  3. GDay Mike Thanks for popping over. Congrat on the award.BTW, Im having trouble with your site it keeps freezing while Videos are loading so can only see the post obove video\’s

  4. Hi Mike: congrats on your blog award, well deserved. thank you for visiting my blog and for the kind comments. I try to write from he heart. I just finished posting a new poem…thanks again..take care Mary

  5. Jeanette, I think that I had way to many days worth of posting up at one time. I think I fixed that.Mary as do I.writting from the heart that is.

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