Day: July 3, 2008

Happy birthday America and my Little Sister as well.

I hope every body has a safe 4Th of july weekend.I hope every body takes a second to say a prayer for our Military service people that are on duty and away from families. God Bless the USA! God Bless my Sister Linda who… Continue Reading “Happy birthday America and my Little Sister as well.”

America The Beautiful I decided to post this for my forth of July posting. I saw it on one of the sites I visit and decided I had to put this up on mine as well.

Thanks to an EFFIN SPAMMER

Thank to an EFFING SPAMMER I now have to resort to comment moderation.I wish there was a way to block these A**holes from my site. I will probably have to resort to this tactic as well on my word press site. Thanks a lot… Continue Reading “Thanks to an EFFIN SPAMMER”

A word about the video posted just below.

I have posted a disturbing video it may not be suitable for a child to watch. It involves the death of a woman who was mentally ill,and the callous attitude taken about her! THIS IS MY OPINION,BASED ON MY EXPERIENCES,AND THIS IS THE ONLY… Continue Reading “A word about the video posted just below.”

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